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I Want To Blog - Mini Documentary (2017)

Blogging Mini Documentary

What exactly is blogging and how does someone get into it? Blogging has been around since the early stages of the internet and is still a much needed necessity in today's businesses and people's lives.  

This Mini Doc follows Patricia and Gary Merlo, who are the minds behind the blog Beauty and the Brawn.

Beauty and the Brawn

Their blog features weekly posts that share a project, event, remodel or a new creation of theirs.

They have been married for almost 30 years and have remodeled three of their homes over the years.

While they both have full time jobs in different industries, they find the time to make great consistent weekly content.

This was a project made for Full Sail University in the Bachelor of science in Digital Cinematography Degree Program.

This was our next multi-month project after completing our Who I Am As A Filmmaker project.

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So this project was to give us experience in creating our own documentary with our own idea.


Pat merlo blog

My inspiration behind this project came up from learning more and more about blogging.

I thought it was so fascinating that in this day and age anyone and everyone can blog and while most bushiness its a necessity for others they just like to personally do it.

Pat merlo demolition slowmo.gif

So my next thought about this was that I knew someone who blogs pretty consistently and from her day job you would never expect it.

That is what I wanted to capture in this mini documentary, sharing someone who blogs that you'd never expect it and find out why they do it.

Merlo Family photo

I hope you enjoyed this film I am glad to have been able to make it.

Please let me know what you think and leave a comment. Thanks for watching!!


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