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Film School Project: WIAF

Who I Am As A Filmmaker (Final Edit)

This is my final Edit for the who I am as a filmmaker project and is what I submitted for the last week of my Fundamentals of Production 2 class.

This project has been very long over due and seems like we have been working on it forever.

We have basically been told to make a script turn it in, oh wait that's just the rough script and so on.

That goes for just about every aspect of this project including making a pre-vis, shooting it, narrating it, and editing it.

So if this is in fact the final video then I am glad to be done with it. If you saw the rough edit for this in a previous blog post, Who I am as a filmmaker (Rough Edit)

There wasn't much of a difference between these. I tweaked some of the audio to blend better.

I changed the the intro title slightly and I ended up changing the very last shot of the film.

I felt like the ending was a bit flat as it ended on a photo and I wanted to pull the story back to show me in the room going through the box of memories.

Overall I am happy to finish this project and ready to move onto the next one.

For me once I get into the stage of tweaking it over and over and over, that is the point I should say "ok its done" and upload it.

For me once its uploaded there's no going back, and that helps me get over convincing myself not to upload it.

I think its really important to be your own critic when looking for errors but once you get past those I think its best to finished theproject and move onto the next one.

All I can do is hope this video does what it was meant to do and people who watch can learn a little more about me.