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Go Watch It! - What Happened to Monday

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What Happened to Monday

It's not often that I push others to go out and see specific movies, mostly because it's not who I am and I haven't really had a movie that motivated me enough.

What Happened to Monday Child Allocation Bureau

Well that changes.

I had a coworker recommend "What Happened to Monday" and he explained just a little of the premise of the film and I was immediately hooked.

Now that's something that also doesn't happen often. Having someone explain a film I have never seen and just having them try to explain it from a viewer's perspective (not being part of the process of creating it) and I get heavily interested.

Here's the idea for the film and you tell me whether this sounds amazing or not.

What happened to Monday is a film based around the concept that the world’s over population has drastically grown in the not so distant future.

The world leaders have decided that every family must be approved of having a child and is limited to just that one, and no other siblings.

Well the problem here is that a side affect of the genetically modified food that the world lives off of, causes multiple births to happen way more often, this meaning twins, triplets, and so on.

So what happens if someone gives birth to multiple children? the government has a system of having one child live their life while the other is “Frozen” until the worlds population can sustain itself in the future.

So here’s where the plot of the film comes in. Someone gives birth to septuplets. 7 Children. The grandfather of the children takes after them when they are born and instantly devises a plan to keep them all out of being frozen and given a chance to live their lives in hiding.

They are given names each having one corresponded with the day of the week, Monday through Sunday.

Noomi Rapace has starred in other big films such as Girl with the dragon tattoo, Prometheus and Netflix’s recent original film Bright.

Noomi Rapace in Girl with the dragon tattoo
noomi rapace in scene in Bright from Netflix still
Noomi Rapace in Promethius

If you have seen any of these films then you know she absolutely stands out at as an amazing actress and really brings her characters to life. 

If I haven't mentioned it yet, Noomi plays every sing identical sister in this film. All seven of them..

If thats not impressive I don't know what is. 

When I first heard about this film I actually saw this VFX breakdown first and thought it was an amazing looking independent film from some first time director. 

Mild spoilers in the breakdown watch at your own risk


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