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Wood burning with Lighting in Slow Motion

Wood Burning in Slow Motion!

For this project I collaborated with my brother T.J. Roberts. He is a local electrician in Fresno, California. 

Tj Roberts Headshot

He is constantly building things in his garage whether its working with wood or taking apart electronics. 

He saw some videos where people were pulling parts out of a microwave to electrify wood and leave cool designs burned into them, He decided he wanted to do the same. 

I thought the idea was cool and that he should do it, sure enough within a couple days he's posting videos of him burning wood. 

TJ Roberts woodburning instagram
TJ Roberts woodburning instagram

Once I saw it for myself I knew that would be something awesome to see in slow motion.

TJ Roberts wood burning
bts wood burning with lightning

We shot outside at night time so we could see all the bright light and colors that the electricity produces. I added an extra 500 watt light so it wouldn't be too dark.

wood burning with lightning

Check out this behind the scenes video that gives an example of how this machine was put together.

This has been an extremely fun project to do and has been a huge learning experience.

Here are some photos I took during a couple sessions.

wood burning with lightning
wood burning with lightning
wood burning with lightning

I hope you found this entertaining and maybe learned something new.  Please share this if you enjoyed it, it helps a lot.

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