Austin Newell
Sharing my knowledge and Experiences in Video Production


I'm an Editor


                          Problem Solver. 

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Austin Newell

I majored in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University. I am a self-taught Visual Effects and Technical Editor. Three months after graduating high school I got my first job as an Assistant Videographer at a local non-profit on the campus of Fresno Pacific University, a position that grew into a Multimedia Technician position and I gained over 5 years of experience in video production. 

I balanced my day job with being a full time student, freelancing, and working on personal passion projects that would add to my reels. Eventually, I began working at a local video production company as a Post Production assistant and this is where I currently work now. This allowed me to work on projects from huge brands that would air on Local T.V.

I have a passion to create and overcome the obstacles that come with that. I am a problem solver, I do whatever is necessary to complete a project, even if that means inventing something new along the way. 

Just like being a creator I also have a passion for teaching, I love being able to help and give back by creating tutorials for editing and VFX. If it wasn't for the free tutorials online I wouldn't be where I am at today.





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