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Story: My first video upload to YouTube

My firsts film ever uploaded to youtube

I can remember the first video I ever uploaded to YouTube that may have well been the start to what I love to do today.

I remember sitting in my bedroom at the end of 2009 with a friend browsing YouTube.

I had only known about YouTube for a couple years then and only used it to watch funny videos of people getting tazered.

I somehow stumbled into making an account, (probably cause it was free).

When I made the account I realized I could upload my own videos and started thinking about what to upload.

I love that I didn't just film something random like just my face or and empty room. I actually thought of a story to film and we filmed it.

It was indeed the worst thing ever and I both wish I still had the video and am glad that it is gone.

It essentially started with a voice over of a world war 1 vet "my friend" recalling his time in war, then cut to slowed down footage of a 10 year old waving around a see through airsoft gun shooting and jumping on my bed all cut to "All Along The Watch Tower by Jimmie Hendrix"

Gateway Laptop

I hope that painted a clear picture, because that's exactly what it was haha. 

That was the first video I remember uploading to YouTube, filmed on my laptop webcam, and edited in an early version of movie maker.

Regretably I've always been self conscious of what I create even back then and eventually deleted it out of embarrassment.   

What about you?

I am interested in hearing what other filmmakers experience was with their first upload. Do you still have it up? Do you still have the file? Leave a comment below and share your experience!  

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