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Three Kings Muay Thai Kickboxing Promo

Three Kings Muay Thai Promotional Video


Why I made this

I made this promotional video for the Kickboxing team located in Fresno, Ca called Three Kings Muay Thai.

I filmed and edited this video in the span of a couple months back in late 2016 going into 2017. This was one of the couple projects I created for free to get an idea of working with other business to create promos for them. 

This project was a lot of fun, I had the chance to film a lot of the teams sparing and practices and learned a lot about the sport of kickboxing. 

How I made this

This project consisted of interviewing the head Coach, Sean Moore, and then going back to film B-roll sessions where I could get the team practicing together. 

The equipment I used to film this

  • Sony FS100
  • Canon 17-55mm F2.8 Lens
  • Sony Lavalier Wireless Microphone
  • Lecia Tripod

Software used to edit

  • Adobe After Effects CC (for the intro motion graphics)
  • Element 3d after effects plugin
  • Adobe Preimere Pro CC (for all editing)
  • Adobe Audition (for noise reduction and mastering)
  • Adobe spark (for the end title)


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