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Who I am as a filmmaker (Rough Edit)

Full Sail WIAF Film

This is what I submitted for my "Who I Am As A Filmmaker" project in film school. This has been a project we have been working on outside of our normal courses for the past couple months.

This is the rough edit submitted for Fundamentals of production II - Week 2. We will be sharing this with our classmates for critiquing.

This project does feel like we have been doing it for a while. Each month we do small part of it along with our course work.

I had originally made a mistake and thought it had to be complete months ago, so during one of my weeks I had completed it ahead of schedule on accident. Because I did that I had a pretty big head start and had a solid idea of the what I was going to do for this.

At this stage there is no color correction or grading applied it is just solidifying an edit and feeling out the pacing and flow.

I still need to have a little more audio edits and Im thinking of reshooting a couple shots, but this is looking pretty close to what the final edit will look like.