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Prepping for making a short film

Full Sail DCBS Short

In filmschool, coming up we have a project called the "DCBS Short". This stands for "Digital Cinematography Bachelor of Science Short".

A couple months back we were given the option to get 24 "Production hours" witch is to find a local production on witch you can volunteer your time to get experience on a real production.  The alternative to this for people in special situations is the DCBS Short.

This would be for people who already have had some experience in production and doing this would be repetitive and for people who might not have any filmmaking locally happening in their area.

Why I chose the short film route

I have been working as videographer for 5 years coming up and have had some experience in a couple local productions, so I was jumping at the chance to shoot a short film instead.

Well the time to get ready to shoot it and turn it in is coming up and at this point I have a locked script, script breakdown, and script numbering in place.

I'm going to try to finish the shot list soon and I'm debating if ill have time to make a decent storyboard but we will see.

This is the first short film production I'm going to be making where I want to get rid if the "Fix it in post" and "ehh thats good enough" mentality.

I want this short to be the best film I have ever made and have the quality that I see in my head.

Of course that's easier said than done, but doing all this pre production for it is really going to help the end product. 

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