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Film School Project: Short Film - Family Man

Short Film - Family Man

A man is put in a difficult spot when he is temped with choosing money over his family. 

This was created for a project in film school where I was tasked with creating a short film in place of working volunteer hours. This is a DCBS Short.

Written, Edited, and Directed by Austin Newell

1st AC - Jessica Ruiz
BTS Photographer - Michael Monroy

David - T.J. Roberts
Man in Photo - T.J. Roberts
Woman in Photo - Kirsten Roberts
Child in Photo - Mckenna Roberts

Music and sound design licensed by

Shot on Sony FS5 with Sony 18-105mm F/4 Lens
Edited in Adobe Premiere CC

Check out my blog post on the making of this film that includes tons behind the scenes photos!

Behind the scenes of Family Man