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Bookstore filmmaking

Filmmaking books in bookstores

Something I find myself doing quite often is going to the book store. There is just something about the smell of a brand new book that is so satisfying.

I used to read a lot while in school but after a certain point I started reading less and less and now I generally only read blogs, video descriptions, and emails.

I guess I still have some kind of interest in books. Whenever I feel like I need to go into a book store I always gravitate to the film "on screen" section for some unknown reason.

Barnes and Noble Book store Fresno Ca

Where im at there's not much of a choice in book stores anymore. Our main one being Barnes and Noble.

It's just disappointing that their film section is pretty tiny compared to the whole store, occupying one whole shelf.

Inside Barnes and Noble Bookstore_On Screen Selection

What they do have on filmmaking is basically what you'd find on the first page if you searched online so there isn't anything unique here. 

There have been a couple of books that I have found here that I would absolutely recommend for filmmaking. One is called

Making It Big In Shorts

Most of the time I buy books and never end up reading them all the way through. Almost an impulse thing. This book was one that completely sucked me in. 

This book really gives you the A-Z of making a short film and submitting it to film festivals. They even provide great links to distribution companies that will help in the process. 

I like to go to book stores to find inspiration, anything that can spark an idea or get me to stop being lazy and make something. 

This book completely inspired me to produce my short films and learn what my style is. To find out what movies I'd like to make. 

I would like to know what you do to find inspiration for your craft? what is your experience when looking for books on your craft in a book store? Leave a comment below!

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