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Film School Photo Roman

Photo Roman Film Project

In school we had a class called fundamentals of production and in the second week we were given a project called a Photo Roman

The basic idea for this project was to tell a story only using still frames along with the guidelines of the story. 

The story was that a man escapes from jail and has no remorse about it. The cops find out about it too late and he is long gone. while out of the prison the prisoner finds cloths by a river from someone swimming. He takes the cloths and continues to elude the law. 

This was my submission for the film project. 

After thoughts of Photo Roman

This kind of project really makes you think about the shots you get before you start filming. When you have to give a lot of information in one single shot, it really encourages you to think about what can go into that shot. 

What the teacher did after we submitted our project was show us a film by Charlie Chaplin called The Pilgrim and the very beginning of this film was the exact prompt we were given. 



The only thing was that while we told this story in 15-30 and some people even 60 individual shots. Charlie Chaplin told it in about 4.

That was really eye opening and made me begin to think about how to plan my shots to share the most information in a shot without having to cut. 

This project has been a great stepping stone to improve my story telling skills as a filmmaker. Let me know if you have any questions about how this project was done. 

This project was part of a previous blog post called Tell A Story In One Shot That is where this project lead us, go check it out if you are interested. 

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